Shingles Vaccine Update

More people to get the NHS shingles vaccine

From 1 September 2023, more people will be invited to have an NHS shingles vaccination.

Currently, those aged 70-80 are invited.

From September, those turning 65 or 70 will also be able to get the vaccine after their birthday.

Anyone over the age of 50 who has a very poor immune system, for example due to chemotherapy, can now receive the shingles vaccination.

This means that from September, people reaching their 65th birthday will receive an invitation to book their shingles vaccine.

However, those reaching their 66, 67, 68 or 69th birthdays will wait until they reach 70 to be invited for a shingles vaccine.

The main message is:

From September, most people will be able to have the shingles vaccine sooner.

Please wait for your invitation to book a vaccine, we cannot book you in otherwise.

The current shingles vaccine is very safe and effective and is given in 2 doses.


Shingles is a nasty disease, caused by “reawakening” of the chickenpox virus which most of us have from childhood infections.

Shingles causes a painful and itchy rash, the pain can remain for many years after the rash has disappeared.

The vaccine is very effective at preventing the shingles virus.

You are encouraged to have the vaccine when you receive your invitation.